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Publish date: 10 May 2023

When Gusharan Sidhu, affectionally known as Sharan, took a job as a support worker at Bethanie seven years ago, she couldn't have imagined how much support she would find for herself.

It’s a journey that began when Sharan and her husband moved to Australia from India in 2014, uncertain of what the future might hold but determined to build a life for themselves in their new country.

After starting work in the community in 2016, and then moving into residential support, Sharan decided to study nursing at Curtin University, a move her employer encouraged every step of the way.

“Bethanie did support me in all aspects, in the flexibility with the work and everything, it was quite easy for me to continue with my studies, and helping me financially as well to pay for my fees,” she says.

All her hard work paid off and Sharan became a registered nurse (RN) in 2019, an achievement she is proud to celebrate on International Nurses Day, not the least because she loves what she does.

Sharan is an RN at Bethanie Kingsley, where she has made it a priority to build relationships with the people she cares for to ensure they get not just the best clinical care, but they feel supported as an individual.

“We get to know the residents really well, which makes it so much easier to give them proper care,” she says. “I enjoy very much working with the same residents, I know their needs, their priorities and their families. Then I’ve been able to provide more person-centred care to them.”

Don’t ask her to name anyone special among the Kingsley residents, though. “All of them are my favourites. Everyone has a unique personality, so I love everyone,” she says with a smile.
When Sharan fell pregnant with her first child, she felt the love and support of her colleagues and managers, too. “The team was very supportive and flexible with my working hours, which suits me best to continue my work as well as look after my baby, giving her plenty of time that she needs,” she says.

The collegial nature of the environment at Kingsley makes even the most challenging of situations easier to handle. “We do work as a team, it’s a very collaborative and supportive environment,” she says. “We come across different challenging situations every day and achieving the goal for the day with my team members and making the residents happy is the reason I come to work.”

Sharan was never more grateful for the support of her work family than during the pandemic. With borders closed, she felt even further isolated from her family in India. “Having no family during COVID was a very stressful time but being part of Bethanie was great, and I was very supported,” she says.

It’s why Sharan wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone considering working in the aged care sector to apply to Bethanie. “If they want to serve the community and they want to help people who are in need, I would definitely recommend Bethanie as the best place to work.”
Sharan also has no qualms about suggesting a similar path to nursing, either. Whether you start as a support work in the community or a care work in a residential home, there are so many ways to learn on the job and gain the experience you need to take the next step.
“Bethanie will always support you. There are lots of career opportunities and you can always start at the base and then grow up to wherever you want to achieve your dream goals.”

Sharan | International Nurses Day

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