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Why and how to choose the right Retirement Village?

Why choose to move into a Retirement Village?

Retirement Villages provide accommodation, lifestyle, amenities and services to people over the age of 55, who can live independently.

Moving to a Retirement Village is not only about downsizing, it’s also about fitting into a community that suits your lifestyle choice.

Retirement Villages also provides a range of knock-on mental and physical health, social and wellbeing benefits from being connected to a community of like-minded people.

Whether you’re after a modern apartment, cottage-style home or traditional villa, Bethanie offer choices to suit every personality and lifestyle.

How to choose the right Retirement Village?

When choosing a Retirement Village, it is important to think about your ideal lifestyle - how it looks now and how you want to live in the future.

Before choosing a village, consider these questions:

  • Is the location safe and convenient to family and friends, public transport, shops and community services such as medical centres and recreational facilities?
  • Is there a range of accommodation options that will allow you to age in place?
  • How secure is the village and do you feel safe?
  • Is there a village vibe that suits your ideal lifestyle?
  • What lifestyle amenities, leisure activities and services are available?
  • Is the village well maintained?
  • What are the costs of living in the village?
  • Are pets welcome?
  • Can family and friends stay?
  • Is there access to an aged care facility on site or nearby?
  • Is the village operator trusted and well regarded in the industry?
  • Is the village operator happy for you to speak with existing residents to see what village life is like?
  • Does the village support ageing in place?
  • What are the village rules and guidelines?
  • Does the Village Manager take an active role in village life?
  • Is the Resident’s Committee active in the village?

Bethanie provide support to make your move and choice into a Retirement Village as smooth and stress-free as possible with downsizing consultants, real estate agents and removalists.

Matching your needs to those being offered by the provider will help you choose which village best suits your lifestyle.

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