The aged care cadetship

The aged care cadetship

The Aged Care Cadetship – Pathway to practice for nursing students

The Aged Care Cadetship – Pathway to practice for nursing students is a prestigious limited place cadetship, which offers up to ten students the opportunity to gain invaluable on-the-job experience and skills working in a supportive and diverse environment.

The Cadetship is a Bethanie and the University of Notre Dame Australia, School of Nursing and Midwifery partnership.

UND Bachelor of Nursing students have the unique opportunity to be employed on a permanent contract as a Bethanie Careworker while studying, providing on-the-job training and a step up in the industry.

Careworkers at Bethanie have flexible working arrangements to support study schedules, as well as the opportunity to work locally to home with a choice of 14 locations, including in the South West. Staff are also eligible for Bethanie’s employee benefits, including annual and personal leave, superannuation, salary packaging, free on-site parking and more.

Aged Care is a comprehensive nurse-led service that considers all aspects of an individual's needs, including physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological and our Bethanie Careworkers gain valuable insight into nursing in the aged care sector. 

While undertaking the Year 3 practicum at Bethanie, our cadets are provided with a dedicated Registered Nurse to shadow and assist with better understanding of clinical assessment, care planning, nurse leadership, delegation, and registered nurse responsibilities. 

On successful completion of studies and the Cadetship, and on receipt of AHPRA registration, our cadets are eligible for a permanent RN role commencing as an RN1.2 at Bethanie

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  • Year 1 practicum at Bethanie
  • Year 2 practicum in acute care
  • Year 3 practicum at Bethanie with a Registered Nurse to shadow
  • Opportunity to work as a Careworker while studying
  • Aattendance at on-site professional development
  • On graduation receive a Bethanie Certificate of Nursing Student Cadetship Completion o the cadet with the highest academic score will receive a payment of $1,500 from Bethanie on graduation
  • Opportunity to continue your employment with Bethanie on graduation as an RN – upon registration, you are eligible to be offered a RN role at RN Level 1.2
  • As a cadetship graduate employed as an RN at Bethanie you will:
    • receive a mentor and skills development opportunities, plus 3 weeks unpaid leave to attend acute care work experience every year for 2 years
    • opportunity to exercise a chosen RN specialty area, such as palliative care, wound care, dementia, and mental health support

The following terms and conditions apply. You must:

  1. complete all pre-employment checks for Bethanie before commencing as a Careworker, including a National Police Clearance and, depending on your work location, an NDIS Workers Check
  2. complete a Bethanie Care Advantage online screening test with a job fit score of > 71%
  3. remain enrolled on a full-time basis in the Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Notre Dame
  4. maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  5. work as a permanent part-time Bethanie Careworker for the length of your Bachelor of Nursing course

You must let the Bethanie and the University know immediately if you:

  1. defer your studies or terminate your enrolment
  2. intend to withdraw or take a leave of absence
  3. are terminated from the Bachelor of Nursing or the University
  4. transfer to another institution
  5. transfer from full-time to part-time study
  6. change your Australian visa status, where applicable

You will be removed from the program if you have:

  1. a fail in any of your Bachelor of Nursing units
  2. a finding of misconduct made against you, whether or not that finding results in your termination from the University or any other penalties
  3. have been placed on an approved Intervention Strategy

For more information please contact:

University of Notre Dame


See our Registered Nurses

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